Vice President of the GFA’s Normalization Committee, Lucy Quist, has introduced a book to address the yawning skills gap and poor leadership in Africa.

The book which is titled, “The Bold New Normal” is one hundred and sixty-two-page book that highlights the need for African governments to tackle the skills gap that is compounding the unemployment situation.

Lucy says the book is an action-based idea under which she advocates for Africans to take bold actions towards African prosperity. 

She believes that with a change in the visions, language and mindset of its people, Africa can take bold actions to create prosperity for itself.

The former CEO of Airtel Ghana is concerned millennial across the continent are missing out on job opportunities because they have not been prepared for them.

“What upset me, was hearing the Jumia CEO in 2019, repeating what I was told in 2008; he said that all the tech development was done in Europe because they can’t find talent in Africa,” she said.

Lucy added, “ The story isn’t changing and I look upset because I am upset every time I think about it; we cannot continue to live and be exactly as we are then what is the point of living really?”

Ghanaian Businessman and Executive Chairman of Jonah Capital – an equity fund based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sir Sam Jonah, who graced the book launch called for a new class of leaders motivated to fix the continent’s challenges.

“In 2017 World Happiness Report, a number of factors were identified; there was a common theme which was shared of the problems that the continent faces; at its core is the leadership deficit,” he said.

Sir Jonah added, “This leadership deficit I’m afraid, manifests itself in pro-governance, corruption, unemployment, uncontrolled population growth, insecurity in our inability to manage drought and famine; from my experience, I can tell you that none of Africa’s problems is beyond the means and resources within the continent.”

The book launch featured an interactive session with the author, Lucy Quist and a budding entrepreneur who is also the CEO of Wear Ghana, Ewurabena Agyemang to discuss the challenges and potential to grow as business leaders.