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Mahama advocates Christian values in politics

Former President, John Mahama has emphasized the importance of incorporating Christian values into political leadership in a recent address to the congregation at the Assemblies of God Church.

Mr. Mahama shared insights into his belief that the church must actively engage in shaping real-world affairs, echoing the sentiment that to abstain is to risk being ruled by the foolish.

President Mahama articulated his stance on the upcoming election year, expressing a commitment to peaceful and crisis-free elections. "If there is going to be chaos, it's not going to come from me or the party that I lead," he asserted. His message aims to reassure the public about the commitment to a peaceful democratic process and governance.

Drawing parallels between Christian principles and political leadership, Mahama urged fellow Christians in public office to embody the virtues of Jesus Christ. "Jesus Christ was humble, honest, and compassionate. As Christians in public office, we must exhibit these traits - humbleness, truthfulness, and compassion," he declared, underscoring the responsibility of Christian leaders to serve as beacons of moral guidance.

Mahama's speech at the 9th Regional Council Meeting and ordination 28 ministers of the church from Ashanti West at Kwadaso Great Chapel in Greater Kumasi resonated with the audience, and his favorite Bible verse from the book of Matthew, emphasizing compassion towards the less fortunate, struck a chord with the congregation.

The former President stressed the importance of extending compassion to those in need, emphasizing that acts of kindness towards the vulnerable are akin to serving the Lord.

In addition to his remarks on Christian values in politics, President Mahama announced a token donation to support an event organized by the church. While the exact nature of the donation remained undisclosed, it was intended to contribute to the refreshments for the congregation, showcasing his commitment to supporting community initiatives.

The Assemblies of God Church is embarking on an ambitious mission to spread its message of light and growth throughout communities, with the General Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Stephen Y. Wengam, invoking a local proverb to emphasize the importance of unity in achieving their goals.

Quoting the proverb, "one hand cannot embrace a baobab tree," Rev. Dr. Wengam underscored the significance of collective effort. He stressed that no single individual or church could achieve the far-reaching objectives set by the denomination. Instead, he urged members to unite on all fronts, pulling together in one direction to fulfill the "send the light" mandate. This mandate encompasses evangelizing communities and planting more churches for the glory of God.

Addressing the congregation, Rev. Dr. Wengam acknowledged the challenges ahead, particularly in the context of the upcoming election year in Ghana. He called for prayers for God's will to be done and for a peaceful election, recognizing the impact political events can have on communities.

“We know the stakes are high for both parties, but Ghana is bigger than NDC and NPP, and Ghana must be together,” he said.

"Send the light, send the light now, send the light for growth and expansion," concluded Rev. Dr. Wengam, encapsulating the church's fervent prayer for progress and prosperity.

The "send the light" initiative reflects the Assemblies of God Church's commitment to expanding its reach and impact, both locally and globally. The call for unity echoes throughout the congregation, emphasizing that collective effort is the key to achieving the church's ambitious goals.

As the Assemblies of God Church moves forward with its evangelization mandate, the leadership's strategic approach, coupled with the fervent prayers of the congregation, sets the stage for a transformative year marked by growth, unity, and the spreading of the light of the Gospel.

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.