Mahogany Consult, a Public Relations Agency, has been adjudged “Best in Social Media Communication” for the year 2016 by the Institute of Public Relations, (IPR) Ghana at the 6th National PR Communications Excellence Awards.

The award sought to recognize and honour the most effective Public Relations engagements with selected core publics on Social Media.

For the award, Mahogany Consult presented social media communication done for one of its clients, Medifem Multi-specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre in the year 2016.

Speaking in an interview, Principal Consultant at Mahogany Consult, Esi Essuman – Johnson said “social media has expanded rapidly beyond its “social” functions to become a very potent communication tool for driving business strategies. Today the various forms of social media have become veritable channels for organizations to engage with their publics and vice-versa. This has made Social media content management necessary for brand building and communication.” 

In view of this, Ms. Essuman-Johnson said social media engagements must be borne out of well thought out strategies that will ultimately shore up the organizations’ bottom-line while increasing value for its publics.

 “At Mahogany Consult, we manage the social media pages of our clients by generating research-based relevant content – text, images and videos, which speaks to the needs of our organizations and their clients, creating a rich platform for dialogue, interaction and feedback” she added.

Commenting on the award, Ms. Essuman Johnson stated that Mahogany consult was elated to receive the award on the occasion of the Agency’s fifth anniversary which fell in February this year.

“For us, this is a testament of the agency’s growth and successes throughout these years. This award supports our goal for the next 5 years of the Agency, which is to be recognised for our strong research portfolio,” she said.

 “Our tagline ‘Adding Value’ inspires us to go the extra mile to create additional value for our clients and their businesses. And this has spurred our dynamic social media team to always find creative and innovative solutions for our clients. Every client of ours should experience value when it comes to the services that we offer to them”. Ms. Essuman – Johnson said.

Mahogany Consult is the West African partner of Public Relations Organisation International (PROI Worldwide). PROI agencies are the leading independent Public Relations consultancies in about 100 cities in 50 countries and on five continents. 


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