A two-day fashion event to showcase Ghanaian and African culture, clothes and creativity on a global platform has been launched in Accra.

Dubbed: Sp3sh Africa Fashion Week, the event is slated for December 14 and 15 at the African Regent hotel.

Speaking at the launch, Chief Executive Officer of Sp3sh Africa Fashion Week, Mandy Louis Obiri Yeboah said the event will be an opportunity to fashion enthusiasts from across Africa to meet and showcase their collections.

Sp3sh Africa Fashion Week

She noted that fashion designers, fashion influencers, stylists, fashion bloggers, fashion photographers, fashion schools, textile manufacturers and runway organizers will also have the opportunity to interact at the fun-packed event.

The Sp3sh Africa Fashion Week CEO underscored the need for Africa and Ghana, in particular, to take advantage of the growing fashion industry in the world.

Sp3sh Africa, Mandy stated will lend the fashion revolution in Ghana to ensure industry players make a mark.

Sp3sh Africa Fashion Week

“At Sp3sh Africa, we are the fashion revolution, we are the industry and we are the public, workers, citizens and we are you” she added.

Other events


The master class is the section of the fashion-up event where we will have numerous juggernauts in the fashion fields such as fashion photographers, fashion designers to come teach and share experience to up and coming talents in the fashion industry as well as consumers who are interested in learning about the works and products of those in the fashion industry.

Sp3sh Africa Fashion Week


The exhibition will have vendors of various fashion products such as shoes, accessories, clothes, make-up, fascinators, stylist, fabric vendors, skincare products showcasing their creative works and products to the people.