The Pathologist who carried out the autopsy on the lynched soldier, Maxwell Adam Mahama says he was not able to trace parts of the deceased's body to complete his examination.

Dr Lawrence Adusei could not tell who had taken missing body parts of the slain army officer and for what purpose.

The soldier was lynched by a mob in the Central Regional town of Denkyira Oboasi on May 29, 2017.

About 23 people are currently standing trial before the Court for their involvement in the murder.

The court on October 10, ordered Pathologist Dr Lawrence Adusei and the Head of the 37 Military Hospital Pathology Department, to appear before it to explain why they were yet to make the autopsy report available.

Appearing before the court Thursday, Dr Adusei said he had requested for the Crime scene officer, the officer in charge of ballistics and investigators to assist him.

But this was not done, he told the court.

Dr Adusei also blamed police investigators for the delay in the release of the report, four months after the gruesome murder of the soldier. 

When asked why he had not contacted authorities after encountering this difficulty, he said he had in the past encountered the challenge of non-payment of allowances due him by the Judicial Service, something which deterred him from pursuing the matter.

In defence, Police Prosecutor DSP George Amegah rejected the claim by the Doctor.

He argued the law required the Pathologist to formally write to the police to place any request if he encountered difficulty.

This he said, had not been done.

Magistrate Ebenezer Kweku Ansah gave the Pathologist three weeks to collaborate with Police Investigators to ensure the autopsy report is ready. 

Hearing of the matter continues on November 23, 2017.



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