The Chamber of Independent Power Producers, Distributors and Bulk Consumers wants the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) to investigate the cause of the failure of the national grid last Sunday, its restoration and make the findings public.

According to the Chamber, appropriate measures must be put in place to forestall future occurrences.

“GRIDCo’s role in the electricity value chain is a sensitive one. We expect a thorough technical, investigation and evaluation to ascertain the cause of the black out or the group failure that we’ve experienced”, Elikplim Komla Apertorgor told Joy Business.

“And the findings should be made public as well as appropriate measures taken to forestall future occurrences”, he pointed out.

The IPPs also expressed concern about the reliability, security and integrity of the grid, describing it as very sensitive to the safety of its facilities.

“As a chamber, we are concerned about the reliability, security and integrity of the grid as it is very key to the safety of our facilities.”

Parts of Accra and its surrounding areas thrown into darkness

Parts of Accra and its surrounding areas were thrown into darkness last Sunday night, following  a trip of the transmission lines at about 1:46 pm (13:46) at mining towns, Prestea and Obuasi.

Though GRIDCo attributed it to a technical fault but Joy Business gathers the ‘trip of the transmission line’ caused voltages in the middle belt to collapse.

This is said to have not been dealt with in time by operators on duty, leading to a cascading trip of connected transmission lines at 2:09pm (14:09).

Also, attempts to bring the Akosombo Dam online failed twice, delaying the power restoration.