The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture has tasked the newly-inaugurated Tourism Board to aim at making tourism, arts and culture the number one contributor to the country’s GDP.

“Our vision is to make, within the next three years, tourism, arts and culture the number one contributor to Ghana’s GDP. We don’t want to negotiate that. It means we need to have in excess of 5 billion dollars every year from tourism receipts from 2022. Please help me achieve this,” Dr. Mohammed Awal said.

Dr. Awal made the call when he inaugurated the Board on Tuesday.

He charged the members to work together in achieving these goals.

Dr. Awal also advised them to eschew “antagonism with the Ghana Tourism Authority Board and support them.”

“You’re there for policy issues, support them. I don’t want the conflict, work together as a team to achieve the president’s goal as the number one contributor to GDP,” he added.

The 11-member Board consists of Mr Akwasi Agyeman, CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority, GUBA Awards CEO, Dentaa Amoateng, Mr John Yao Agbeko, Eva Esselba Mends, Samuel Seth Passah, Fati Lily Soale, Mohammed Abdul-Karim, Cecilia Sheitu Nyadia, Gbati Jacob Najombe, and Comfort Yamoah.