The Miss Malaika 2013 competition, from all indications, will not only be a competition between the delegates but also the God sisters who are bringing on their own game to ensure their groups top the pageant.

They are not just eyeing the ultimate crown but also the 1st and 2nd runner up spots respectively for their groups.

All God sisters (Joselyn, Hamamat and Sandra) have started mentoring and grooming their delegates, giving them exposure and even sharing secrets on how to win the crown.

They are also spending time with their delegates – focusing on their strengths and capitalizing on weaknesses of other God sister.

Fashionista Sandra Ankobia has taken her Queens group (Abigail,Yoda, Lois and Lordina) through fashion school teaching them how to dress for various occasions. Having participated in beauty pageant, she is armed with the requisite knowledge to propel her delegates through to the grand finale. She has gone as far as hinting them on some questions that are likely to be asked at during the finals.

On the other hand, the pretty face TV presenter and actress Joselyn Dumas has exposed her Joselyn group (Twumwaa, NaaOyoe, Priscilla and Selma) to a life of stardom by spending time with them at her TV series launch on Africa Magic. She’s also invited them to party with her and actor John Dumelo at Django (Rockstones Office) and also the Channel O news recording studio. According to her, she exposed the girls to stardom and celebrity status because after becoming Miss Malaika queens, they stop living ordinary lives.

International model and past queen of Miss Malaika, Hamamat also treated her Ohemaa group (Aisha, Eugenia and Betty) to a makeover section which saw the delegates transform into stunning damsels.

She also shared her experience of being a Miss Malaika delegate and a queen by advising them to pay attention to themselves and look for ways to improve. She has also been schooling them on cat walking, sitting postures as well as make up secrets.