Malta Guinness Influencers Sarkodie, Naa Ashorkor, Sister Derby, Giovani Caleb, Regina Van-Helvert, Dr Vanessa Karbo-Mensah, Aaron Adatsi and others; have been inspiring and motivating millions of fans to feel and be their best and to have hope about their world in the Enjoy a World of Goodness campaign.

Rooted in Malta Guinness’ philosophy of creating a can-do attitude in its consumers, the Enjoy a World of Goodness campaign has seen the influencers inspire holistic wellness among followers on social media since October, a move by the brand to engage more of its consumers in a meaningful way.

The Influencers have shared quotes that inspire them to achieve tasks in their lives with their fans, encouraged their followers to push themselves to unearth hidden talents that could become income-earning for them post Covid-19 era, and have rewarded some fans with Malta Guinness giveaways.

Overall, these influencers have succeeded in creating a world of good for their fans, thanks to Malta Guinness.

One activity that is highly anticipated to unearth talents is the Malta Guinness Karaoke under the hashtag #MGKaraoke.

Sarkodie and Sister Derby will lead their fans to post videos of themselves singing a song and reward the video with the most reactions with Malta Guinness products and a Beats-By-Dre Headset.

At the end of the campaign, the individual whose video has the most number of reactions will walk away with an iPhone 11 Pro.

Malta Guinness announced in September the signing of these celebrities as influencers for the “Enjoy a World of Goodness” campaign and are optimistic they will help grow brand engagement among consumers.

The campaign activities are expected to champion the mental, physical and general well-being of Ghanaians.

It is also part of a number of activities Guinness Ghana is championing through its iconic brands as part of the company’s 60th anniversary celebrations this year.

Follow the hashtag #MGMoments for an inspiring journey and fun surprises.