An Asamankese Circuit Court has convicted a 38-year-old unemployed to 30 months imprisonment for indecently assaulting a farmer, Grace Animah.

Stephen Anane Ayitey was also convicted into 18 months for assault, contrary to section 84 of the criminal offences Act 1960 (Act 29).

The sentences will all run concurrently.

The court presided over by Abubakari Abass Adams ruled that he serves his jail term in hard labour.

Inspector Samuel Owusu, the Prosecuting Officer, told the court that the complainant is a farmer residing in Breku-Manso, a suburb of Asamankese. The convict also lives in the same town.

According to him, on June 1, 2019, at about 5: 30 am, the complainant was returning from all-night prayer service to Betom-Owuram when the convict emerged from the bush and attacked her.

He told the court Ayittey indecently inserted his fingers into the complainant’s vagina while struggling with her.

The prosecutor said the convict assaulted her mercilessly and took ¢200 away from her after the victim pleaded and suggested he took the money to gain her freedom.

The complainant later reported the case to the Asamankese Police, where she was issued a medical form for treatment at Asamankese Government Hospital.

The Police later arrested the convict at a prayer camp, and during interrogation, he admitted the offences.

He was arraigned after a report on the victim was sent to Attorney General`s office for advice.

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