A 54-years-old farmer has allegedly been shot dead over a cocoa farm dispute at Assin Nuanua Fantse in Assin South District.

Report gathered by Adom News is that the deceased had a misunderstanding with Joshua Baidoo, whom he used to work on the farm until the person passed on.

Sister of the deceased, Agnes Nkrumah, indicated that the matter had been settle over three years ago until the 37-years-old suspect showed up.

According to her, his brother was to share the farm with the wife and children of the deceased partner, “so we decided that this year, we shall invite the woman and the children so we can share the farm.”

But, “about four days ago, I was at Assin Fosu, and my brother informed me that the guy had come to warn against the land, but he took it lightly.”

She said Joshua Baidoo had demanded his share of the farm, but they had told him his name was not indicated in the farm documents, “then he said my brother should wait and see.”

“Yesterday in the morning I decided to go to the village, but my brother asked that I wait for him while he gets something from the cocoa farm, after which he will call me, so I said okay.

“But when he left for the farm, in less than an hour, our younger sibling who was with him called me that someone had shot him, so I rushed to the scene only to see his dead body.”

The suspect is currently in the custody of the Assin Fosu Divisional police command for further investigation.

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