Chairman of the McDan Group Limited

Chief Executive Officer of McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley, says no Ghanaian company is among the 100 best companies in Africa due to behaviours of Ghanaian managers.

The business magnate intimated that the dishonest attitude of these executives sink the local business even before it sprouts to compete with multinational companies.

Sharing his experience on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Thursday, Mr McKorley said he set up an auto-mechanic shop and employed someone to manage it for him, however, the employee in six months stole his equipment to set up a similar business.

“It is so sad that you can’t grow, so cannot just get to the corporate level where systems and structures can work for you. So if you look at it, all indigenous companies are hovering around the organic stage.

“You the founder, have to be in everything, especially if you are an aggressive entrepreneur like me. How do you grow, if you keep checking everything? You close your eyes for a minute, you come back and you are gone. I have thousands of workers, how far can I go,” he bemoaned.

Comparing foreign employees to that of locals, McDan CEO said he preferred the services of foreigners because of their loyalty and commitment to the job.

“The foreigners work very well. You look around the whole country, those companies doing well are the ones being controlled by foreigners; they are either Lebanese, Indian or another foreigner.

“The sensitive positions are run by the foreigners, I have the same in my company, It is like it is like, it [dishonesty] is in our DNA,” he told hosts Winston Amoah and Kojo Yankson.