The Deeper Life Bible Church is challenging Ghanaian media organizations to take a firm stance against homosexuality.

Ashanti Regional Overseer, Pastor Edward Duodo, says it is enough for media organization to provide a platform for critics and campaigners against the practice to air their views.

He dismisses arguments by sections of the public and civil society suggesting gays and lesbians have rights.

Reverend Duodu insists that such a position has no basis in morality because even same sex animals are aware they are not meant to sleep with each other.

Reverend Duodo was speaking to Luv News ahead of this year’s Annual Campus Community Congress of the Deeper Life Bible Church.

“Any level-headed person and those who know what history is, know that Sodom and Gomorrah practised this thing, and they were destroyed with fire by God. That God has not changed, He still hates it and it’s an abominable sin”, he said.

The Pastor noted it will be in the right direction for media practitioners to side with the churches and religious bodies to fight against what he described as a menace.

“When you talk of politicians at times they can call white as black because of their interests; we may gain physically by giving gays their so-called rights but we shall not escape the wrath and anger of God, which could derail all our developmental gains as a nation”, Rev. Duodo noted.

Rev Duodo supports calls for the arrest of homosexuals by some government functionaries.

According to him, they should not be entertained and that every arsenal including the security agencies should be used to deter homosexuals from openly coming out to seek what he described as their evil rights.

Story by Kwabena Ampratwum/Luv Fm/Ghana


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