Calls on the media to use space and airtime to promote development communication are increasing.

Stakeholders in society have always used their turn on the pulpit at any function to preach such a sermon.

Mr Anthony Kweku Tackie-Otoo, Assembly Member for Akyemfo Electoral Area of Gomoa West District has also added voice to chorus of calls for the media to focus on developmental issues.

“Use air time and space to promote development,” he said.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Apam, Mr Tackie-Otoo said there were lots of pertinent issues, which concern society and need to be brought to the attention of the government that the media ought to do.

“Some schools are in deplorable state, people have no water to drink, food staffs are getting rotten on farms because of bad roads and many more are calling for the attention of the government, which the media must focus on,” he noted.

He said the media would fail the nation as the fourth realm of governance, if it continued to spend quality air time and space for weeks and months discussing what some one has said or done.

“It is important to hold public office holders accountable but if it is done at the expense of development then it may not help the nation,” he said.

Mr Tackie-Otoo, who is also the Chairman of the Mumford branch of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), appealed to Ghanaians to have patient with President Mills’ administration since things done in a rush mostly never ended well.

“The president has a four-year term of office so we need not rush him.

“Ghanaians must bear in mind that they are all travelling in one vehicle with the President as the driver and if they compelled him to drive faster than normal, the vehicle can get involve in an accident,” he said.

Source: GNA