The Medical and Dental Council says it is ready to investigate alleged case of negligence against some medical officers at the Korle-Bu Polyclinic, which led to the untimely death of a-24-year old pregnant woman on Sunday.

Head of the Council, Dr. Eli Atikpui is asking relatives of the deceased to petition the council, citing the specific officer or officers, against whom they want action to be taken.

Abigail Boateng, said to be carrying a three-month old pregnancy was allegedly given a shabby treatment by some officers at the hospital.

Sister to the deceased, Jessica Boateng told Joy News' Beatrice Adu that the doctors and nurses would not even give her sister a bed to lie on when she complained of back ache.

They reluctantly gave her drip in a wheel chair and some medication after which they asked that she should be taken away from the hospital even when she was weak.

Jessica Boateng said they went to a private hospital from where they were referred to the Gynecology department at Korle-Bu. Abigail Boateng died shortly after she returned to Korle Bu.

Jessica Boateng is asking the appropriate authorities to take action against the doctors and nurses on duty at the time of her sister's predicament.

Head of the Korle-Bu Polyclinic, Dr David Nortey, told Joy News they will investigate the matter.

He is reported to have asked all the doctors to present a report on what exactly happened.

Speaking to Joy News, Dr. Atikpui said the council is interested in investigating any case of negligence against any medical practitioner.

He is only waiting for the petition to anable the council take action on the issue.

He further explained that the Council cannot investigate the conduct of the institution but can only investigate the conduct of the personnel, who are licensed to practice.

He was therefore emphatic that the petitioners must be able to name the specific officers, who they wanted the sanctions taken against.