In true #HotGirl fashion, Megan Thee Stallion has taken to social media to show off her natural makeup and offer a peek at her natural hair – and it’s confirmed: She is thriving and moisturized! 

On December 8, Meg posted a selfie to both her Twitter and Instagram with very minimal makeup. In the pic, her signature long lashes are nowhere to be seen. Instead, we get a fresh-faced Meg – her hair laid straight and her cheeks donning a rosy tint.

Though it’s certainly a departure from what she has us accustomed to, the rapper looks absolutely stunning and the comments reflected that. 

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time she has embraced more natural looks on the ‘gram as of late. On December 6, Meg shared a video to Instagram where she and her stylist, Kellon Deryck, showed off her natural, curly hair.

In the caption, she said she will be trying to grow it out long and asked fans to leave comments with recommendations of their favorite Black-owned hair products for natural hair.

(While some Hotties stayed on topic in the comments section, a lot of them teased her after they caught her playing the Episode app in her video!)

Traditionally, Megan has had some of the sleekest hairstyles in the game, often using meticulously laid wigs to change up her look and experiment with color, style, and length. Of course, no one can deny that Megan’s ponytail has always been a signature, but since the era of isolation and distancing began this spring, she’s been leaning into her natural hair a lot more. In April, she posted a picture of her natural hair, showing off her healthy curls and gaining the praises of Naomi Campbell and Keke Palmer in the comments. 

Meg has quickly become one of the biggest performing acts in the world, steadily gaining popularity and support among fans and fellow artists alike. Her image as a performer is something we’ve become so familiar with, so it’s refreshing to see her switch it up on us and embrace a natural makeup and hair look, especially during a time when getting ready and leaving the house is a full-blown occasion. 

We hope Megan stays posting glowy selfies to Insta and continues sharing her hair growth journey with us from time to time because we love seeing her unbothered and her curls full of body-ody-ody-ody (mwah!)