The First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump has donated a phototherapy machine to the Greater Accra Regional (Ridge) Hospital.

The machine will be used in the treatment of neonatal jaundice in babies.

Neonatal jaundice is a common condition in newborn babies, affecting about 50% of term and 80% of preterm babies, research has shown.

Phototherapy is often used to reduce levels of unconjugated bilirubin that may result in acute or chronic brain damage.

Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr Emmanuel Srofenyo is elated by the gesture.

Phototherapy machine

Photo: A phototherapy machine being used

He said although the facility already has some of the machines, the model donated by the US First Lady is one of the best in the world.

“This particular equipment is one of the best in the market and so we are very excited that it has been donated.

“This one is going to add to the number of phototherapy equipment that we have which is going to go a long way in saving the lives of babies who develop that complication of jaundice during the neonatal period,” Dr Srofenyo said.

Melania Trump Ghana

Mrs Trump also donated hampers and gifts to mothers and children at the Child Welfare Clinic of the Hospital.

The US First Lady is on her first solo trip to Africa. She will spend two days in Ghana deliberating on issues on child health with Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo and other child health agencies in the country.

The second leg of her trip will take her to the Cape Coast castle.

She will also be in Malawai, Kenya and Egypt during her five-day stay on the continent.



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