A large presence of mentally challenged persons is threatening academic work at the Anaji Municipal Assembly Kindergarten and Primary School in the Western Region.

“The school, with a population of more than 700 pupils, is forced to make room for these mentally challenged people due to how easily accessible the facility is,” Margaret Buabeng, the Headmistress said.

“Our school has become a sleeping place for madmen, and our compound is gradually becoming their home, a big threat to the lives of pupils and teachers here,” she added.

The Headmistress said the school compound was also exposed to “weed smokers”, aside from it being used as a place of convenience.

Passers-by also distract academic work by their movement.

Ms Buabeng made the challenges known to the Ghana News Agency during the Fourth Graduation and Speech and Prize Giving Day of the school.

She, therefore, pleaded for urgent assistance to build a gate to prevent such harmful intrusion. She appealed for additional classrooms for the Kindergarten two pupils to reduce overcrowding.

“We are appealing to the government to expedite action to solve the challenges of large enrolment and prevent all intrusions.”

The theme for the day: “Education, A tool to Eradicate Poverty, Our collective Responsibility” was adopted to ginger all stakeholders in education to continue to give their best towards the disciplining, nurturing, and moral upbringing of the child.

Mrs Believe Baidoo, the Guest of Honour, charged societies to raise godly children with sound academic, moral and ethical backgrounds whose education could pass the test of time. She said though formal education was important, holistic education should be the order of the day to develop quality human resources for the country.

Mrs Baidoo prayed that all stakeholders would dedicate themselves to training, coaching, guidance, and counseling through the art of teaching to nurture great minds beyond the four walls of the school.

Dr Nkrumah Akomani, the Director, Nhyirakesi Wellness Centre, who presided, entreated the pupils to be serious with their studies in order to climb higher the academic ladder.

“In life, you need your classmates to connect and help you in the journey,” he said.

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