Michael Blackson. Image: Travel Noire

Ghanaian American comedian, Michael Blackson is considering running for President in Ghana.

According to him, he is contemplating becoming a head of state in the next twelve years because he believes the people would need his help.

His statement following several tweets complaining about the high cost of living in the country.

“Looks like I’m going to prepare myself to run for president in 12 yrs (sic). I think the people needs me,” he wrote.

Michael Blackson bemoaned that life in the country has become expensive despite parts of West Africa being the poorest in the world.

He noted that government needs to lower the taxes and fees paid at ports so importers can sell their goods at reliable prices to consumers.

“C’mon Ghana why are things so damn expensive? I just tried to buy furniture and appliances and they are over twice the price of what they cost me in the U.S. I love my continent but we have to do better to help our people,” he wrote.

The comedian added that “I found out the other day that little girls in the remote areas can’t afford tampons or pads so they drop out of school because they are embarrassed to bleed around boys smh.”

He also added that despite the call for a reduction of fees at ports, importation needs to be minimised.

Michael Blackson believes the country has too many resources to be importing goods.

Meanwhile, the comedian turned actor is hoping to project the country for the meantime through film. In an earlier interview, he revealed that he would be shooting some films in ghana.

He explained that this could help not only project the country but also build support and investments for the movie industry.

“I decided this summer that I will shoot a project here. It would be a comedic series, something I could sell to Netflix and Amazon.

“Ghana has so much beauty that I want the world to see. I want us to eventually be a place where people come to shoot a big movie,” Micheal Blackson said.

The actor is also hoping to inaugurate his school in September.

Michael Blackson in an earlier tweet called on qualified people to apply for the position of principal in his school located at Nsaba near Swedro in the Central Region.

This school, he noted, is his way of giving back to his society.