Phyllis Kuenyehia, the CEO of KonneKt World and Human Capital and Workforce Development Strategist

The Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) has partnered with KonneKt World for the express purpose of training female STEM graduates under the Ghana Power Compact Internship and Mentoring Program as well as National Service Persons in the Energy Sector.

This is in line with MiDA’s commitment to providing training, particularly for female graduates, in the skills required for entering the job market.

The training program which is being delivered to 100 graduates within a two-week period began on Monday, International Women Day, and is expected to end on March 19.

The training is focused on how these recent graduates will launch their careers, in areas such as Self-Leadership and Leading others, how to conduct a job search, prepare winning Curriculum Vitae (CV) to highlight their talents, cover letters, coaching for Interviews and building professional networks for job opportunities as well as entrepreneurship, highlighting the entire process of creating a start-up business from an idea to developing a business plan to look for funding.

“We are happy with this partnership with KonneKt World, which is consistent with our objective supporting female students in STEM fields to gain practical skills relevant for the job market in the energy sector, build their confidence, and improve their coping skills to deal with the stereotypes and negative attitudes about women in STEM; as well as strengthen networking for employment opportunities”, a statement from the leadership of MiDA.

Phyllis Kuenyehia, the CEO of KonneKt World and Human Capital and Workforce Development Strategist said, these young female STEM graduates, through KonneKt, have found the right power source to push them to the ultimate in their careers.

She believes that “the power of a woman lies strongly in her connection to the right power source, one that empowers her to explore all existing opportunities for growth”.

Geraldine Mensah-Dartey, a Data Scientist, a Career Transformation Strategist, and a storyteller is the lead trainer for the program.

Geraldine Mensah-Dartey, a Data Scientist and lead trainer for the programme

She told the participants and the sponsors, “my goal is to give people real, tangible examples and tools, through storytelling, that can make an immediate impact in their hearts, minds, and ultimately careers, no matter where they are in their journey.”


The Ghana Power Compact Internship and Mentoring Program (GPCIMP) is a program for young women in tertiary institutions, Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) offering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses to have relevant information, knowledge, and support to make career choices.

About KonneKt World

KonneKt World is a global, professional, mentoring and coaching platform with personalized programs that seek to develop its fellows in their educational journeys, career development and management, emotional/psychological well-being and relationship building.

What is unique about KonneKt is that, we hold your hands through your most difficult challenges and deepest fears. We help you develop unique strategies that can turn your challenges into tools that yield extraordinary results in any area of your life.

The KonneKt Mentoring program, dubbed the KonneKt Xperience, is designed to help its mentees expand their knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from a more experienced person, and build their professional networks.