MiKO Pharma, a leading innovator in the pharmaceutical sector, has launched a campaign aimed at accelerating ground-breaking advancements within the industry.

In its ongoing commitment to revolutionize patient care and improve health outcomes, MiKO Pharma is seeking strategic investments and collaborators to fuel its ambitious growth plans. MiKO Pharma has successfully finalized the design of its state-of-the art facility, which has already obtained the acclaimed approval of the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

The World Health Organisation (WHO), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified, world-class pharmaceutical plant will be constructed on a sprawling 100-acre campus in Akwamu, Asuogyaman District in the Eastern Region of Ghana, nestled in between the famous Volta River, the iconic Akosombo Dam and the symbolic mountainous ridges of the Eastern Region.

The pharmaceutical plant is set to manufacture affordable, effective, and superior-quality medications that meet the highest international standards. After the completion of the first phase, this plant will manufacture medications for the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, malaria, and pain management. These medications will make a vital contribution in curbing and mitigating the challenges and risks associated with counterfeit medications imported from parts of China, India as well as Pakistan.

The $50million USD pharmaceutical plant will take approximately 15 months to complete and will employ approximately 120-150 people. The first phase of the project which is estimated to cost $ 8-12 million USD will be up and running in 9-12 months once construction commences.

MiKO Pharma has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the pharmaceutical landscape, as it has partnered with medical giants such as SUSHEN Medicamentos Pvt. Ltd. (SUSHEN), and SIEMENS. Sushen, is a dynamic, global organisation of end-to-end pharmaceutical services based in India with broad experience in the pharmaceutical space particularly in the development of high-quality products in the discipline of generics finished formulations.

As MiKO Pharma continues to push the boundaries of therapeutic possibilities, attracting funding is crucial to propel its ground-breaking work to new heights. Not only will the country witness exceptional products that can even be exported to Europe but it will also add significantly to the overall GDP of Ghana by providing better paying jobs.

Tapan Shah, Executive Director at Sushen Medicamentos said, “Our relentless pursuit of scientific and medical excellence has positioned MiKO Pharma as a driving force in the industry. We have a deep-rooted commitment to transforming lives through our innovative drug development programs. By seeking funding from potential investors who share our vision, we can bring many life-saving possibilities to fruition and create a positive impact for patients globally.”

MiKO Pharma is currently embarking on a roadshow to raise capital. To guarantee the triumph of this campaign, the company has enlisted the expertise of Mr. Willard Jackson, the former Chairman and CEO of the esteemed oldest black publication in the US, Ebony Magazine. With his invaluable experience and exceptional leadership, Mr. Jackson will spearhead MiKO Pharma’s efforts and ensure the successful achievement of their campaign objectives. He brings a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry’s investment landscape and will play a crucial role in engaging potential investors to support the project.

Pharma’s initiatives.

“I am delighted to join the team at MiKO Pharma”, said Mr. Jackson. “This appointment comes at a pivotal time as MiKO Pharma aims to drive its mission of delivering innovative and life-saving medications to market”.

The pharmaceutical sector holds immense untapped potential, with daily advancements and breakthroughs. MiKO Pharma’s multi-disciplinary team of dedicated researchers, scientists and healthcare professionals work collaboratively to uncover and develop innovative therapies that tackle complex medical challenges. The team is fueled by a deep passion for enhancing patient outcomes and finding solutions to unmet medical needs.

“Through our rigorous research and development process, we aim to bring innovative treatments to market that can significantly improve the quality of life for patients in Africa. By leveraging the expertise of our diverse team and forging strategic partnerships, we are confident in our ability to make a lasting impact in the field of pharmaceuticals. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to scientific advancement sets us apart as leaders in the pharmaceutical industry”, said MiKO Pharma’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Michael K. Obeng.

The Ghanaian pharmaceutical market is made up of approximately 30% locally produced drugs and 70% imported products. However, the Ghanaian government has emphasised the need to manufacture more locally produced medicines over the next decade, an ambition it shares with many African governments.

Ghana’s pharmaceutical manufacturing sector directly employs over 5000 workers and about 10 manufacturers account for 80% of the total industry output. MiKO Pharma will be adding to this, thereby boosting this sector of the economy, and at the same time manufacturing medications affordable for Ghanaians and the rest of the continent.

“Drugs by Africans for Africans remains a bold vision of mine for our continent to promptly and constructively begin contributing to the pharmaceutical sector through manufacturing, processing and harnessing the collective power of Africa as well as putting forward the
agenda of pharmaceutical emancipation because I believe that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation”, Dr. Michael K. Obeng said.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.