The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has discredited media reports that it has cleared 23 officers of wrongdoing in the shooting and killing of one resident at Kasoa Millennium City last year September.

According to the Director of Public Relations, Colonel Aggrey Quarshie, the military’s investigation has not been concluded as media reports say.

“The issue is still being handled at the higher level. It is not in our hands now,” he said, explaining that issues of criminality with any report is handed to the Police to handle.

Colonel Quarshie was speaking to JOYNEWS’ Kyenkyenhene in reaction to the military’s investigation on the Kasoa Millennium City shooting incident.

“Everything the media put out there was not what transpired at the Kasoa Millennium City,” the Colonel said, adding that the media like to take the angle that is relevant to them instead of looking at the whole narration in their reportage.

He explained that the military men were stoned by residents of the area but the media deliberately ignored that side of the narration which he described as “very unfortunate”.

According to him, complaints that the military deliberately fired to kill residents is not true because “The military will not come into a situation to carry rubber bullet because we are not the first point of contact when it comes to a situation like this”.

On September 3, 2015, about 23 soldiers were dispatched to the Kasoa Millennium City to quell angry residents who were opposed to a demolition exercise carried out in the area by real estate company, 21st Century Construction Company.

Unable to contain the anger of residents who were reported to hauled stones and sticks, the military men responded by firing 10 bullets into the crowd killing a 30-year-old Michael Asare-Darko whilst two others were shot in the leg.

The family of the deceased has since been calling for justice to be served. The brother of the deceased argued that if the military men were not in the area to kill residents, why did they fired the bullet in the first place.

But GAF says: “The people went there to perform a duty and there were exchanges” adding they reacted to the angry residents.