Ari Lennox (Getty Images)

This episode is a roller coaster. The social media trolling that American musician, Ari Lennox, was subjected to over her stay in Ghana struck a nerve for the two podcast co-hosts (who are also Ghanaian).

The issue was tabled for discussion by the duo on the Millennial Street Podcast regarding some Ghanaians’ ill-informed feeling of disdain towards diasporans tracing their roots back to Africa.

She subsequently deleted all her Twitter posts and has since started afresh with her account now managed by her record label.

It details how RnB artiste, Ari Lennox didn’t deserve the backlash that followed her genuine expression of freeness and the epiphany that follows such experiences.

Released on January 10, 2022, it also covers the positivity that greeted Chance The Rapper’s Twitter posts about Accra, per hosts Nasiba Yakubu and Kenneth Awotwe Darko’s assessment.

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