A legal practitioner Bright Akwetey is urging a Mills-spawned “discipline” within the ruling National Democratic Congress “to end the attacks on the Judiciary.”

Lawyer Bright Akwetey said President Mills’ statement on Tuesday reposing confidence in the country’s judiciary is not enough especially considering the barrage of attacks by the NDC questioning the integrity of the institution.

The President on returning from his trip to the United States said he had absolute confidence in the Judiciary and has no plans to purge it as suggested by NDC party chairman Dr Kwabena Adjei.

Dr Adjei at a press conference two weeks ago asked the Chief Justice, Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, to cleanse the Judiciary or the NDC would be compelled to do it for her.

The party chairman was flailed on all sides as his comment generated enormous controversy with the opposition NPP describing it as a throwback to incidents that preceded the assassination of the three Appeal Court Judges during the PNDC era.

However, just when it appeared the president’s reconciliatory comment on Tuesday was thought to have doused the heat torched off by Dr Adjei’s call, regional chairmen of the ruling party issued another press statement saying the Chief Justice Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood had compromised her political neutrality.

But Lawyer Akwetey believes such a development only has the tendency to cast a slur on the image of the Judiciary and the nation, and urged the President to call his men to order before the situation gives rise to a chain-reaction of unhealthy criticism from various levels of the party.

“He’s the leader of the party; he should stop them from making statements because now regional chairmen have spoken. May be next time constituency chairmen would speak and next time others will speak and foot soldiers would speak. We do not want that because the attack on the Judiciary is unwarranted.

“The way things are going with press statements here and there and comments on the airwaves, I don’t think it is doing the image of this country any good because the Judiciary symbolizes the integrity of the people of this country.

“He should tell them nobody goes public with any issue about the Judiciary henceforth or with immediate effect and they’ll do it. He should not just make this statement that he would not interfere in the Judiciary and leave it,” lawyer Akwetey said.

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Story by Fiifi Koomson/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana