Former Black Stars defender, John Paintsil, has questioned the imminent appointment of Miolvan Rajevac stating that the “timing is wrong” and the Serbian will need a miracle to qualify Ghana for the next World Cup.

The Black Stars are currently second in group G of the World Cup qualifiers after falling to defeat in South Africa. That result led to the sack of Charles Akonnor, who spent just 18 months in charge.

Following his dismissal, former Black Stars head coach, Milovan Rajevac has been earmarked for a return, and indeed as reported earlier by Joy Sports, the Serb is close to being announced.

His reappointment is aimed at turning around the recent bad fortunes of the national team, however Paintsil who played under Rajevac during his first stint does not believe it will be all magical from the get-go.

“If it is true Milo is taking over the job then I say the timing is wrong because how well does he know this current team.

“Our time was different because all the players were already made and it will only take a miracle to help him qualify this team,” the former defender said in an interview with Angel FM.

The Black Stars during the next international break in early October, will be involved in a must-win fixture against Zimbabwe at the Cape Coast stadium.

Milo and his technical team are expected to be announced by the close of the week.

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