Government has directed the Chief Executive Officer of the Minerals Commission, Dr. Toni Aubynn to proceed on leave.

At a brief meeting Monday morning, Dr Aubynn relayed the news to the staff and management and explained the decision takes effect the same day.

The Minerals Commission is a key state organ in regulating the mining industry.

But the commission under Dr Aubynn has been publicly blamed by the Lands and Natural Resources Minister John Peter Amewu for failing to check the wanton destruction of lands and water bodies by illegal miners.  

The government has waged a war on illegal mining since March and it is believed Dr Aubynn is a political casualty in the fight.

Sources say the news of his departure came as a surprise to the staff although managerial changes at government institutions are a common occurrence whenever there is a transfer of political power.

Sources explained that after Dr Aubynn remained at post despite several proceed-on-leave reports in other state institutions, many believed the CEO would survive within the new political administration. 

But eight months into the administration of the NPP government, the CEO has left the post in a 'proceed on leave' style with many of the casualties rarely returning to post.

At the meeting said to have been emotional, a member of management on behalf of the staff thanked Dr Aubynn for his time at the commission spanning three years.

He was appointed in April 2014 by the erstwhile John Mahama administration.