Corporate Executive of MTN Ghana, Mrs. Cynthia Lumor, has warned customers and subscribers of the mobile money service against sharing their pin numbers with vendors or agents.

According to her, no vendor or agent has the right to demand the private pin numbers of customers when performing a function on the mobile money platform.

This has become necessary due to the increase reported fraud cases by some unscrupulous persons, and confidence tricksters of mobile money services.

Mrs. Lumor says the trend affects the interest in the mobile money service that has numerous advantages in convenient financial transactions.

“When our customers are defrauded it is something that we worry about because basically, it inhibits people’s willingness to use the service sometimes. How we are trying to address that is to do a lot of education, we advise not to share the pin with anybody, if you think someone has seen your pin please change it,” she said.

She reiterated no customer should make his pin known to any agent of mobile money service during transactions.

“Don’t be taking in with someone who says he has sent money mistakenly to your account, even if you believe their story, please check your balance first before you proceed to do any transactions. Pay attention when doing your transactions, Make sure what you type in is the name you want to type in,” she warned.

Aside from the technical surveillance the company has put in place to address the situation. 

Officials say when they identify any culprit, they share the information with the police for investigations and appropriate punishment.

At a forum in Kumasi for News Editors and Media practitioners, Mrs. Lumor disclosed that MTN is committing an amount of 16.9 million Ghana cedis into its 4G technology this year.

The objective is to ensure the network function with seamless speed for better customer experience.

“Technology drives what customers want; we will ensure continuous investments in the area of network stability,” she said.

Meanwhile, MTN Ghana paid 444 million dollars in taxes to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

For enhanced communication industry, Mrs. Lumour indicated that every player should be treated fairly across board and equally.

“What is applicable to company ‘A’ should be given to company ‘B’; there should be a level playing field,” she adds.