The Institute for Education Studies (IFEST) is asking the Education Ministry and the Ghana Education Service (GES) to initiate processes aimed at giving Senior High Schools a standardised code of conduct for religious activities.

According to the education think tank, MoE and GES must ” seize the opportunity presented by the current pockets of religious challenges on some SHS campuses to initiate a stakeholder dialogue ” to find a lasting solution to the impasse.

The call is the think tank’s response to a fracas between Wesley Girls SHS and a parent of a Muslim who was prevented from fasting by the school.

Authorities at the school say their action is an age-old one meant to prevent students from having any health complications as a result of fasting.

In a statement signed by its acting Executive Director,  Peter Anti, IFEST said it believes ” that quality education thrives in a conducive learning environment where rules are obeyed and students generally have the peace of mind to concentrate on their basic responsibility of learning. “

Mr. Anti further called on stakeholders to resort to dialogue in their quest to end the misunderstanding adding that ” a boarding education system is to ensure that students are placed in an environment devoid of all forms of distraction to enable them to concentrate on their education.

The statement ends with a call on President Akufo-Addo’s government to ” revisit its 2016 manifesto promise of “building an effective partnership with religious bodies in the delivery of quality education and strengthen the participation of the Missions in the Mission-founded schools.”

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