Christmas came early for Ms. Elizabeth Boateng and Mr. Jerry Kuatewo of Nanakrom and West Trasaaco, respectively, when a team from MoneyGram and Zeepay called on them bearing surprise gifts. 

The team called on the two to say ‘thank you’ to them for receiving their remittances from abroad, via MoneyGram, directly into their mobile money wallets. 

This service, powered by Zeepay since October 2018, allows customers to receive their MoneyGram remittances from abroad directly and gaining popularity as it presents a convenient and easy way for customers to receive remittances from the 200 countries in which MoneyGram operates.  The team presented to each customer a hamper of goodies and various MoneyGram/ Zeepay gift items.

Both Ms. Elizabeth Boateng and Mr. Jerry Kuatewo, remarked ‘’Bronya has indeed come early for us and we are grateful to Zeepay and MoneyGram. We receive remittances every month from abroad. Thankfully, with MoneyGram, we can now receive money from abroad directly into our mobile wallets.’’

Commenting on this, Mr. Andrew Takyi Appiah, MD of Zeepay remarked, “We recently reviewed our customer base of transactions and I was touched by what an impact our partnership with MoneyGram is delivering in uplifting lives. Financial inclusion is a real challenge and we are proud that this service allows folks like Ms. Elizabeth Boateng & Mr. Jerry Kuatewo maintain their links with their loved ones abroad. We will continue with these surprise thank you visits so our customers know we care and value their business.” 

He further noted , “We have so far rewarded over 20 customers like this and we have also committed to giving our customers free talktime so they can call their loved ones abroad whenever they receive their MoneyGram Direct into their mobile money wallet, as powered by Zeepay.”

Mr. Patrick Appiah, Regional Director for MoneyGram West Africa in his comments thanked Ms. Elizabeth Boateng and Mr. Jerry Kuatewo as well as the millions of other customers who use MoneyGram in Ghana. 

“I am happy to let you know that you are not the only one we are giving a dash to. All other Ghanaians in the UK, the US, the EU zone and Australia can now send money home to Ghana at zero fees when they send using the MoneyGram app or online service. This is our way to thank Ghanaians, for their continued patronage.” 

The Zeepay team indicated that these surprises will continue till the yuletide and encouraged the general public to continue to patronize MoneyGram service