Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is insistent that he will apply to all his players, even old favourites Michael Essien, Terry and Lampard a new set of strict rule to beat out indiscipline in the team.

The Portuguese manager has warned his players that time will wait for no man at Chelsea this season.

In a stark message to his squad, ­Mourinho has set out a series of rules that everybody must obey.

And at the top of the list is ­timekeeping, with Mourinho stressing he will not hang around for any latecomers – no matter who they may be.

But Mourinho promised to relieve the training ground boredom that had set in under unpopular interim manager Rafa Benitez last term.

And he has also held a series of ­face-to-face meetings with players about their personal goals for the forthcoming campaign.

Under Mourinho’s rules, captain John Terry, Essien, goalkeeper Petr Cech, Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard will suffer the same consequences as Chelsea’s youngsters, if they are not on time.

Mourinho instructed his ­players that training will not be delayed for latecomers.

The team coach will leave ­without anyone who is not on time. And flights will be ordered to take off even if there are empty seats.

A source told Sunday Mirror Sport: “Jose made it clear that it was one rule for all – nobody can be late.

“He told the players, ‘It doesn’t matter who you are, we won’t wait for you’. Jose wants the ­players focused and acting as one.”

One of the biggest complaints, under Benitez, was that the ­training sessions were too slow and ­repetitive. Terry even clashed with the Spaniard over the matter.

But Mourinho quickly addressed that particular issue by promising that NONE of his first 21 training sessions would be the same.

Mourinho has confessed to working his players extremely hard, but it is ­understood they have been buoyed by the variety of the sessions.

“The players felt that the sessions put on by Benitez were more for him, rather than them,” added the Chelsea source.

“Jose changes things up a lot and keeps it very fresh.

“Some of the sessions are for him and others are for the ­players. They have ­really enjoyed it so far.”

Even before Chelsea had returned to pre-season training, Mourinho had ­phoned a number of his players to ­reassure them about their futures.

And since Chelsea have been back, the Portuguese has called individuals in for face-to-face meetings about their personal targets for the season.

Mourinho has spelled out to players who they are fighting for places against – to encourage healthy competition – and has also set them goals to achieve, both at club and international level.

Our Chelsea source said: “The players know exactly what is expected of them, both as a group and individually.

“Jose has spoken to a number of the lads about what they should be aiming for this season.

“The players, who have been on the fringes, have been told what they must do to get into the team and the traditional starters have been challenged to keep their places.

“With it being a World Cup year, Jose has also used the carrot of international football as an extra incentive for players.

“It’s clear he will use anything, if he feels it can get an extra five or 10 per cent out of people.”