Members of Parliament (MPs) on Wednesday called on Government and Non-Governmental Organisations to come up with programmes and activities for rural women to improve their lives.

The MPs made the call when contributing to a statement read by Mrs. Gifty Eugenia Kusi, MP for Tarkwa-Nsuaem on the floor of Parliament on World Rural Women’s Day.

She commended the UN for acknowledging the immense role rural women have played to the development of their countries and therefore set aside October 15 for them to celebrate.

The theme for this year’s celebration was; “The Right To Food: Rural Women Produce and Provide”

Mrs. Kusi said rural women contributed to the well- being of their families and development of rural economies because they played a key role in food production and ensured food security.

“The battle for food security can be won only if the invaluable contribution made by women is recognised and, if the social, political and economic context empowers them to develop their potential, as farmers, equal actors of development and human beings.”

She said women did not only produce food crops but they were also involved in cash crop such as cocoa farming.

The MP recommended practical interventions such as financial facilities for women farmers to own and run their own farms.

There should be an improved marketing of their agricultural products, sales outlets and good prices.

Mrs Kusi said the provision of developmental infrastructure such as good roads, schools, rural services, small businesses and public services would enable farmers to live decent lives and support their families.

Source: GNA