MTN Ghana, the leading telecommunications company in the country has won three prestigious awards at the 5th Excellence Awards and Presidential Dinner Dance of the Institute of Public Relations.

The event which took place at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel on Friday November 2016 brought together members of the Public Relations fraternity.

MTN Ghana won three awards:

  • PR Organisation of the Year (Telecommunications)
  • Best Community Relations of the Year ( Heroes of Change)
  • MTN Ghana’s Senior Manager for Corporate Communications, Georgina Asare Fiagbenu was adjudged the PR Discovery of the Year.

The awards were in recognition of MTN Ghana’s excellent Public Relations initiatives.

Commenting on the awards, the Corporate Service Executive of MTN Ghana, Mrs Cynthia Lumor said MTN was very excited to receive the awards.

She said, “MTN Ghana considers Communications and Public Relations very critical to its business growth and sustainability. This is why the company continues to work closely with all stakeholders to implement strategies that will enable it build goodwill and generate trust”.

“MTN is a successful African story and it will continue to grow through the implementation of consistent, strategic and creative Public Relations initiatives”, she said.  These strategies include telling the MTN story convincingly and in a simple manner.

Mrs Lumor said, “We also celebrate the recognition given to the Senior Manager of the Corporate Communications department, Georgina Asare Fiagbenu. For many years she has collaborated with the various players within and outside MTN Ghana to tell the MTN story”

The PR Excellence Award has been instituted to promote professionalism in the practice of PR in Ghana through outstanding practice in various aspects of the profession.


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