Telecommunications giant MTN Ghana has supported the government’s effort to empower and encourage girls to consider studies and careers in ICTs.

It has, therefore, presented an amount of ¢10 million to the Communications Ministry for its annual ‘Girls in ICT initiative’.

The amount, which will be given over three years, will help advance gender equality in the field of ICT.

Corporate Service Executive of MTN, Samuel Koranteng, before the presentation, said the MTN Group is a signatory to the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles and has thus pledged its commitment to initiatives that empower women and girls.

“Our core belief as a business is that everyone deserves the benefits of modern, connected life; therefore, we strive to ensure that men and women benefit equally from ICT.

This is why, as part of our 25th Anniversary celebrations, MTN Ghana is committing ¢10 million to support the Ministry of Communication’s Annual Girls in ICT Initiative over three years,” he said.

He associated the telecom company with President Akufo-Addo when he received the Robotics team of the Methodist Girls High School from Mamfe Akuapim, who won the World Championship in Robotics and Coding Competition in December 2020 recently.

“Gender Empowerment is a key strategic component of MTN’s Corporate Social Investment, and over the years, we have made significant contributions in this regard.

“We, however, do not wait until precocious young girls become seasoned women professionals before taking an interest in them. Our contributions start from the grassroots level,” Mr Koranteng added.

Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, gladly accepted the donation and thanked MTN for joining other corporate organisations to support the government’s initiative to empower girls in ICT.

She said the ICT world provides great career opportunities for girls if they are given the needed support and mentorship.

She said the initiative for this year has begun adding that girls from rural communities are already undergoing programming and coding training.

“ I will be there on the 5th and stay till the climax on the 15th, and you should see how they are learning and excited about the things they are doing,” she added.

She said with the funding boost from MTN Ghana; the Ministry will consider expanding the programme to reach more girls.

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