From the camp of tech trailblazer and musical genius Dr. Pushkin, comes another one for lovers of good music.

“Lies”, his newest piece which features the music talent TeriWiizi, suits Dr. Pushkin’s style of music and reminds us why his fan base keeps soaring.

According to Dr Pushkin, listeners will find the song not only easy on the ears and catchy but riddled with words of wisdom that are relatable to persons from all walks of life.

The song, nonetheless, throws light on some of the most unsavory of human traits: hypocrisy, two-timing, and deceit – Dr. Pushkin’s lyrics admonish his listeners to move so clever and see-through pretense, especially, those who fake their lives on social media.

For Dr. Pushkin, the most valuable piece of advice that can be garnered from ‘Lies’ is a reminder that being made to feel or believe one is inferior is only a ruse by the oppressor to make a profit through the exploitation of others’ insecurities.

Once we realize that the shackles that seem to bind us are imaginary, we can break free and soar. If listeners can take away one thing… torrid circumstances cannot overtake one with ambition and perseverance, he said in an interview.

Dr. Pushkin plans to keep his fans and the audience entertained with the release of an album dubbed ‘Outlandish, which is slated for release early next year, 2022.

He has since asked his fans to keep their fingers crossed for the album, adding that, they should continue streaming and sharing his works on all digital music platforms.