Prophet Ajagurajah. Credit: @flynimaboy — Twitter

Founder of the Ajagurajah Movement, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, popularly known as Prophet Ajagurajah has revealed that many musicians come to him to seek spiritual protection in their line of work.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty, the controversial prophet outlined the importance of spiritual protection from forces of evil in the spiritual world.

According to him, many people from far and near come to him for spiritual protection, including pastors, politicians and musicians.

“Some musicians don’t see ‘beef’ as mere social media hype. They take it seriously and come for me to help them spiritually.

“People think I kill people spiritually and come to me to harm people but that is not part of my doctrine,” he stated.

He added that popular musicians like Daddy Lumba and Shatta both have spiritual protection, hence their longevity in the music industry.

“Which artiste in Ghana has had an issue with Daddy Lumba and not ended up with a dead career? Are you trying to tell me that Shatta Wale does not have spiritual backing?

He continued, “Many musicians have disappeared from the scene because they did not have spiritual protection. The ones who have stood the test of time knew that they had to protect themselves spiritually.”

Prophet Ajagurajah took a keen interest in Shatta Wale’s career, claiming he is an admirer of his ways as well as his music.

He stressed that Shatta Wale’s spirituality has greatly impacted his career.

“People think Shatta Wale goes to juju, but they don’t know that he is very prayerful. If he did not know spiritual matters he would not have taken a bath in the sea after he was released from prison.”

Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah is a controversial leader and founder of the Ajagurajah Movement.

His doctrines, beliefs and messages make him different from all other men of God in Ghana.

He makes use of social media a lot in promoting his society.

His church is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. However, he refused to disclose the exact location to the public.