Muslims urged to show compassion and love to the poor as they observe Eidul-Adha today

Muslims are marking the festival of sacrifice, Eidul-Adha today. It is the day on the Islamic calendar on which Abraham sacrificed his son in submission to God.

Spokesperson for the council of Muslim chiefs Baba Issah says the faithful should not forget the poor in society while feasting and making merry today.

He said “We must try to be generous. If you have a neighbor who is less endowed and have the opportunity to sacrifice, you as a neighbor is expected to generously donate to this person”

Baba Issah also called for political tolerance as the country prepares for the December general elections.

According to him “ We must try to conduct ourselves in such a way that we will not do anything to bring down the image of this land because we should know that it is Allah who comes during the course of our election campaign to the Muslim NDC, Muslim NPP, Muslim PNC, Muslim PPP. Peace is so important”