Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has revealed that his decision to contest the outcome of the 2020 presidential election result is not borne out of personal interest.

John Dramani Mahama has explained that he is challenging the Presidential election results in order to uphold the democratic principles of the country and not for personal gains.

“So, when I say that I will not concede this election, please know that I have not taken this decision lightly; understand that it is not because of a desire for power, but because of a dedication to principle and a commitment to democracy.

Justifying his intentions for submitting his petition to the Supreme Court in an address to the nation Wednesday, the NDC’s presidential candidate noted that back in 2016, he accepted defeat and congratulated the president-elect even though he lost.

“I know what it is to concede. I have done so before. In 2016 when the election was not called in my favour, I conceded. I conceded in a congratulatory call to my opponent.”

However, Mr. Mahama was emphatic on the fact that the 2020 elections organised by the Electoral Commission(EC) was ‘flawed’ and ‘fictitious’.

“Based on the irregular and inconsistent results that were reported, I have reason to doubt that this election was free, or fair, or transparent.

“And without those fundamental pillars in place, how
can any of us be sure that the results announced truly represent the will of the people?”

To him, although critics have asked him to accept the presidential results,he will pay no heed until the right thing is done referencing that ‘I want, perhaps, the very same thing that my opponent wanted when in 2012 he challenged the results of that election; I want the removal of doubt. I want for all of us to know that our elections should be free, fair, and safe’.

The former President further assured Ghanaians he will not destabilise the peace of the country.

“As a former president of the Republic of Ghana, a country that I love dearly, I am here to assure you that I know what it is to act in the interest of peace. I have always done so without reservation or hesitation,” he added.