Chief Executive Officer of Aqua Pleasure Ghana, Israel Senanu Eagle says flooding Ghana with pools is one of his aims.

According to him, a lot of people living in the country have a common perception about pools which is how expensive they are, a perception he is keen on defying.

“People think they have to be rich to own  pools, and they all want to avoid building pools because they are not rich, so I have made it a passion and vision that every Ghanaian who has a built a house to own a pool so long as they have the financial means,” he told JoyNews.

“Swimming is the best form of exercise recently, and people will like to swim these days and because everybody is becoming health conscious and not having time, with the swimming pool one can just have at least fifteen laps and they are good to go rather than weight lifting and jogging. So if you have a pool in your home, you only jump into it and then swim, you get to exercise every part of your body and that is your money’s worth,” he explained.

The challenge for him now is convincing people who can actually afford pools, but there is a glimmer of hope as according to him, trends have begun changing.

Aside from constructing pools, Israel has an academy where he trains people to swim; he generates money from there to sustain his operations.

His goal is to go global with his business “should you split my head now, you will realise that my market idea is to go global and I am ready to take up anywhere in the world. I am having contact with companies and factories who are into fabricating of some of these machines because my vision is to flood Ghana, West Africa and Africa as a whole with pools.”