A Methodist Minister is urging the government to construct swimming pools in all schools to teach students how to swim. 

Very Reverend J. B Danquah expressed outrage at the inability of students to swim even after university.

The former Chaplain for the International Physicist Association said he is unable to understand why the Education Ministry doesn’t see the need to construct swimming pools in schools to enable students learn to swim.

Very Reverend Danquah believes that will help equip Ghanaian students with a skill that will come in handy if they travel abroad.

Methodist Minister urges government to build swimming pools in schools

Reverend Danquah cited the case of a Ghanaian student who drowned in a pool at a US university. He noted that if the student knew how to swim, he would not have drowned. 

Adam Gafaru’s death threw a section of Ghanaians on social media, into a state of mourning. Mr Gafaru was a student at Arizona State University.

Very Reverend Danquah said the death of Mr. Gafaru is a wake up call for the ministry to begin constructing swimming pools in schools.

He also expressed worry that many security officers, including the police, immigration and fire service can’t swim.

For him, it is important for everyone to learn how to swim in order to save one’s self and others in times of need.

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