An interest group, Public Interest Advocate (PIA) wants government to cancel its flagship programme, the Nation Builders Corps (NABCo) immediately.

Leader of the group, Frank Aboagye Danyansah noted that the resources for that initiative should be channelled into permanent jobs for the youth.

The Real Estate Developer said the NABCo jobs are unsustainable.

He said government is currently spending ¢2.5 billion in three years on the programme, an amount he believes could set-up factories under the One District One Factory initiative in all the regions.

“The factories can employ about 5,000 youth in every region,” he noted.

NABCO is one of government’s flagship programmes which has employed about 100 thousand people.

He appealed to the beneficiaries to push government to create permanent jobs for sustainable livelihood.

“Stop gaps are not sustainable. To give ¢700 to the youth whiles they pay nothing on it is a freebie. NABCO hasn’t been a sustainable venture. NABCO must be cancelled immediately because it has no future,” he observed.

“When the three years is up, what will the youth do afterwards?” he quizzed.