Former Greater Accra Regional Chairperson of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rejected allegations that party executives have failed to render a public account of their collated results of the 2020 general election.

According to Joseph Ade Coker, if the party cadres were interested in the results, they could have used appropriate structure in demanding figures garnered at the end of the election.

“We have the collated results. I’m surprised why Dr Benjamin Kunbour being a member of the Council of Elders hasn’t availed himself or asked the Executives to render account to the Council of Elders. If the Council of Elders were that interested in the figures, they would have asked,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Benjamin Kunbour, who is also a member of the NDC’s Council of Elders, insists that leaders of the party have not released details on how many votes its flagbearer, John Mahama obtained in the polls.

Responding to him, Mr Ade Coker opined that there have not been calls from the bigwigs demanding accountability on the outcome of elections per the party’s collation.

To the best of his knowledge, he reviewed that, the executives who were present at the three-day retreat at Ho were provided with the 2020 election results.

Hence, the demand of the collated figures in the public domain, he said, was uncalled for, therefore, calling on the party bigwigs behind such act should desist from it.

In his view, the Council of Elders must know better and adhere to the party’s laid down protocols.

“There are structures in the party where everyone must follow. That is how it is done. Have you seen the NPP coming out to announce to the whole world the numbers they made? No, we have a system. People must respect party structure.

“People who have had the privilege of being ministers of state contesting elections will not go to the public and behave this way. They have had the privilege of serving high positions so they should know better,” he stated emphatically.

He further encouraged party officials to be interested in demanding justice for the lives of the 8 people killed during the general election and refrain from creating divisions in the party.