Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Lawyer Ebenezer Teye Addo has applauded party supporters for exhibiting “resilience and dedication” in rejecting the 2020 Presidential election results declared by the Electoral Commission (EC).

EC Chair Jean Mensa on December 9, declared Nana Akufo-Addo as President-elect with 6,730, 413 votes representing 51.59%.

The opposition party has since engaged in several protests and demonstrations against an election verdict it refers to as “fictitious and flawed”.

Lawyer Ebenezer Teye Addo is insistent that although the year 2020 is over, election 2020, however, remains outstanding.

“We in the Central Region must demonstrate to all our countrymen and women that we are part of the struggle and fully committed to the course of our Party and our leader,” he added.

The NDC Regional Chair is of the view that the turnout of events in the just-ended elections has brought shame and dishonour to the country.

“Shamefully, innocent people have lost their lives. As we console the bereaved, let us remember that these deaths did not extinguish the determination of our people to pursue nothing but justice. Only justice can bring peace,” he said.

Also, he urged all NDC supporters to rally behind the leadership of the party in its 2020 election petition legal fight.

“If we had come together and worked harder as a team we wouldn’t have been where we are now. As we get ready for the next phase of our fight, we must not forget that we have only one NDC in the region. There is, therefore, the need to rally behind leadership to ensure success at all times.”

Lawyer Ebenezer Teye Addo advised party members to desist from acts and utterances that encourage disunity.

According to him, unity and discipline are the main keys to success and ensuring a solid leadership.

“Those who demonstrated and portrayed themselves as holier than thou might have realized the strategy did not work. Let us hand over this posture to 2020.

“Those of us who paraded the corridors of power maligning and bringing the names of their fellows into disrepute in order to seek favours from authorities must by now be ashamed of ourselves, for we are where we are together,” he stated.