NDC forced to reschedule national congress

The National Democratic Congress has been forced to consider rescheduling its congress to elect national executives as it prepares for the 2016 general elections.

Even as candidates vying for regional and national executive positions campaign in earnest, the party has a legal hurdle to cross.

A member of the party Linus Njonolah secured an injunction last month to stop all internal elections.

He questioned the legitimacy of the current executives and their locus to organize the national congress. He claimed national executives of the party have overstayd their mandate.

In court on Friday, the capacity of the lawyer representing the NDC, Samuel Cudjoe, was challenged by Felix Datsomor, the counsel for Mr. Njolojah.

Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor, who was in the Kumasi High Court today, reports that the counsel for the plaintiff raised issues with the absence of Cudjoe’s licence number on documents he filed with the court: the number indicates the chamber he is coming from raising questioning his legitimacy to represent the NDC.

The trial judge was not enthused about the back and forth coming from lawyers representing two people from the same family. He advised them to put their house in order and show leadership as ruling party in how to rule a country, Erastus reported adding the judge wished the case would be settled amicably without him ruling on it.

Meanwhile, one of the lawyers for the NDC, Victor Adawudu showed documents to Joy FM’s Francis Abban proving that Samuel Cudjoe was represent a law firm.

“He is a senior member of the Ghana Bar Association, and works with the Law Trust – a firm registered in 1992,” he said.

The documents, he said, would be presented to the court and the judge on October 14, when the case resumes.

NDC Deputy General Secretary in charge of operations, George Lawson admitted the legal wrangling will affect the party’s election calendar.

“The party is in limbo now,” he conceded.

He said the national executive is yet to meet to take a decision going forward. Though he wishes the case would be settled out of court, he is convinced settlement Linus Njonolah “doesn’t have a case but because it is a family matter we must deal with it in a family way”.

He said some of the issues raised by Linus Njonolah are “frivolous”. He explained that membership of the national executive committee is broader than what the plaintiff is looking at. He for instance questioned how the president, cabinet members, council of elders, parliamentary caucus who are members of the party’s national executive committee have their tenure expired.