The Member of Parliament (MP) for Kpone Katamanso in the Greater Accra Region is asking President Mills to sack Information Minister Zita Okaikoi for gross incompetence.

Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo said Mrs Okaikoi must immediately be shown the door because she has been unable to properly explain government information to Ghanaians.

Nii Agbo also alleged Mrs Okaikoi has failed to defend government position on issues of national concern; a situation he says has given critics of the government a field day to deceive the electorate about government policies and programmes.

He said the president must not feel compelled to maintain her as Information Minister if she lacks the competence to handle such a position.

“The work of the Minister of Information is to let people know,… from the North to the South,…about what we have inherited as a government; She should let people know what the current state of the economy [is] so, at least, people will be abreast [of] what is going on,” he told Joy News’ Elvis Adjetey.

“We should not delay on this issue at all, we are all there, we are all members of the NDC government. Currently I’m in Takoradi, I’ve been working hard in the bush. If she cannot perform well she should be sent [to] any other place to go and do it, not necessarily being a minister of state.”

Asked if the minister is not already performing that tasks he had mentioned, the MP said: “I don’t think she is doing it up to the expectation of the people.”

He also played down suggestions that he is pushing for the replacement of the minister because he has not been appointed a minister of state, stressing: “I am not someone who enjoys position; action is what I enjoy.”

Mrs Okaikoi, in concert with his deputies, recently launched a campaign in which they promised to take turns to facebook with Ghanaians on issues of national concern.

Although the programme has been ongoing for a few days, there are concerns suggesting it is not the best medium to aggregate the interests of the citizenry.

The ministry has however defended the move saying Facebook and the other platforms are not mutually exclusive.

Meanwhile a former Deputy Communications Minister, Fred Opare-Ansah, who has been following Mrs. Okaikoi in her line of duty says criticisms against her are misplaced.

Play the attached audio and listen to excerpts of the interview with the MP

Story by Fiifi Koomson/