Some National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Parliament travelling in a convoy, in the early hours of Thursday, November 25, 2022, foiled a highway robbery on the Sampa-Mankraso highway.

The robbers, who took advantage of the cover of darkness held several commuters and passengers hostage and robbed them of their belongings.

Using assorted weapons, the robbers held their victims at gunpoint and succeeded in unleashing terror on them until light from the headlamps of three V-8 vehicles occupied by the NDC MPs, who were traveling to Sampa-Mankaso, cut short their operation.

Ningo-Prampram MP; Samuel Nartey George, Ho West MP; Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah, South Dayi MP; Rockson-Nelson Dafiamekpor and Alhassan Suhuyini of Tamale North, who were heading for an official engagement, chanced on the robbery.

Sensing danger, the robbers opened fire on the oncoming vehicles.

The security detail with the lawmakers, thus, retaliated.

The robbers, upon realising the superior gunfire power from the opposite end, fled the crime scene through the forest cover.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the Ningo-Prampram MP expressed gratitude to God for protecting him and his colleagues from what he described as “the jaws of death”

“Hopefully, the Ghana Police Service would be supported to do more to fight the cancer as we enter the yuletide,” he added.

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