The Vice-president John Mahama has hailed the return of the Democratic Freedom Party members with a declaration the National Democratic Congress is ready to win the December elections, one touch.

John Mahama led a powerful group of NDC bigwigs to welcome the DFP members who defected in 2007 after falling out with the founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings.

Amidst pomp, leading members of the DFP including Obed Asamoah, Bede Ziedeng buried the party they hurriedly birthed in 2008 and formally announced a return to the NDC at a short ceremony in Accra, Tuesday.

Likening the DFP return to the prodigal son, the Vice President John Mahama said the NDC must welcome the DFP members with open arms and work assiduously to ensure a one touch victory for the NDC.

“I ask all our executive members at the National, Regional and Constituency levels and all our party members to accept back our brothers and sisters with open arms.

“There will be no more DFP,” he said, cautioning, “I don’t want to hear anywhere that they will say this person is DFP. There is no more DFP. In the Bible it is like the tale of the prodigal son.

“Let us not be like the son who complained when the father asked for the fattest cow to be killed for the prodigal son.

“Our brothers and sisters are back and we accept them unconditionally. We have much work to do between now and December. We will win the election with the first round victory-One touch,” he assured, adding President Mills has done enough in three years to win the elections.

He said the DFP story must teach the NDC a lesson on how to treat disagreements in the party.

Whilst conceding there are disagreements in the NDC, the vice president said the manner in which those disagreements are resolved is very important.

He cautioned members to exercise restraint and refrain from insults.

“I urge you to exercise restraint so that we don’t push the disagreements beyond a point where it makes it difficult for us to patch up and resolve the disagreements.

“I also urge that we try not to become the chicken that turns around to eat its own eggs or kills its own chicks,” he advised.