Haruna Iddrisu, national youth organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and Member of Parliament for Tamale South says the party will not accept the outcome of the 2008 general elections should the Representation of People’s Amendment Law (ROPAL) be implemented.

“The NDC will not support any legislation that has the tendency to undermine the stability of the nation,” he said.

He was addressing a rally organised by the Kotobabi South Ward of the Ayawaso Central constituency branch of the party in Accra last Sunday.

According to Mr Iddrisu, it is absurd and unfair for people living under favourable social conditions abroad to decide for Ghanaians back home living under entirely different conditions who to govern them.

“After all, it takes nine hours to travel to the north, and yet northerners do so to exercise their franchise. Why can’t Ghanaians in Britain emplane to Accra, which takes about six hours, for the same purpose,” he said.

He also used the occasion to launch “Operation win your ballot box” which he explained as effective vigilance at the polling stations.
“It is the surest way of victory for 2008 elections,” he said.

“We took things for granted during the 2004 general elections. There was evidence of influence of our polling agents but this time we are living no stone unturned,” he added.

Mr. Iddrisu said Professor John Evans Atta Mills, the NDC presidential candidate, will review the National Health Insurance Scheme by making access to health care free for Ghanaians who are 60 and beyond unlike the current threshold of 75 years.

“Even children without registered parents under the scheme would also have free health care access unlike the present provision which grants only children with both parents registered,” he said.

He also added that the Electoral Commission should be allowed to be independent and called on the two aspiring MPs of the constituency to be civil in their campaign.

Speaking at the rally, Mariam Sinare, an aspirant for the Ayawaso Central seat called on the party faithful to remain steadfast and work towards the attainment of victory.


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