Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has commissioned a branch of GN Bank at Mankranso in the Ahafo Ano South West district of the Ashanti region.

Commissioning the new bank building, Dr Nduom encouraged the people to see the bank as an indigenous bank to help the Ghanaian economy and help develop their financial capabilities.

"GN Bank is a local bank, fully owned by Ghanaians. Our intention is to use the bank to help the people of Ghana. I must also let everyone know that anyone who intends to come for loans must also plan to repay because the loans we offer are from the savings of other people, so please use the monies for profitable business that will help you repay''.

"The bank is relatively young, but we have already gone past the 270 branches and now the largest networked bank in Ghana.  We are hoping to hit 300 branches nationwide.  We are hoping in the future to be the bank that bails out the Ghana government in times of recession and financial difficulties. We are building a strong financial institution that will rival all other banks''.

Welcoming Dr, Nduom and the bank to the town, the chief of Mankranso Nana Osafradu Amankwantia thanked Dr Nduom for remembering that the people of Mankranso also deserve a good bank.

''I was amazed at the pace of work put into the construction of the bank. Your workers are so courteous and respect customers of which I have a personal experience''.

''I urge all to support the bank, to save their monies in the bank. It’s very refreshing that a Ghanaian is ready to do business and rub shoulders with the foreign banks''

''Urge you to please consider doing business with the bank we have here. One refreshing thing about GN Bank is that they put up their own building so it means they are going to be here for a long time''

Dr Nduom and Nana Osafradu Amankwantia joined hands to officially commission the bank, which will serve Mankranso and its neighbouring communities such as Kunsu, Pokukrom and Beposo.

In a show of appreciation, Dr. Nduom acknowledged the first customer of GN Bank, Mankranso for having the trust and conviction in bank to open an account with the new location.

He thanked Mr. Akwasi Appiah, a police officer and rewarded him with a prize.