The new Board Chairman of the Ghana National Bureau of the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme, Mr Victor Obeng-Adiyiah, says the new Board will bring life to the scheme.

He has promised to build upon the good works of the former Board of the Bureau.

The Executive Committee or Board said it will focus on the following three areas of the protocol:

1. Pursue fair and prompt settlement of cross-border claims;

2 Create public awareness on the relevance of the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme and the handling of cross-border accident cases, and

 3. Prudently and efficiently manage the finances of the Bureau.

He made this known in a speech he delivered immediately after the induction into office of the new Executive Committee, which took place on Tuesday, February 6, 2019.

He said it is not acceptable for both local insurers and those from other ECOWAS member countries to relent on their basic duty of fair and prompt claims settlement, when it comes to cross-border accidents.

The board would therefore be collaborating with the Permanent Secretariat of the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme which is based in Lome, Togo to achieve this.

In outlying the Publicity and Public Education programmes for 2019, Mr Obeng-Adiyiah said that the beneficiaries shall include the Judiciary, Medical Doctors, and Truck Drivers and Truck Owners Associations.

He indicated that in view of the recent financial crisis in the country, the Executive Committee shall review the investment policy of the Bureau to ensure that its investments are safeguarded.

The new Executive Committee members who were elected on December 20, 2018 are:

 Mr Victor Obeng-Adiyiah, Managing Director, Unique Insurance Company Ltd.,

Mr Henry Bukari, Managing Director, Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.,

Mr Matthew Aidoo, Managing Director, Priority Insurance Company Ltd.

Mr Solomon Lartey, Managing Director, Activa International Insurance Company Ltd.,

Mrs Mabel Nana Nyarkoa Porbley, Managing Director, SAHAM Insurance Ghana Ltd.,

Mr Patrick Agyekum, General Secretary, Ghana National Bureau, ECOWAS Brown Card Ins. Scheme, and

Mr Godfried Djanie, Managing Director, Millennium Insurance Company Ltd. (Immediate Past Chairman).

A representative each of the National Insurance Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration serve on the Executive Committee as observers.

The new Board shall supervise the affairs of the Bureau for a period of two years to December 31, 2020.