The Director, Public Relations at the Ministry of Education (GES), Paul Krampa has said that starting from the 2012/13 academic year the Basic Education Certificate Examinations will be held in June instead of April.

The director made the disclosure at the 12th Speech and Prize Giving Day and Graduation Ceremony of the Queens International School at East Legon, Accra.

The director explained that both the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) had come to this decision to give pupils in JHS institutions the opportunity to enjoy the full nine year basic education programme as required by law.

Mr. Krampa added that by this new arrangement, BECE candidates will write their final examinations in June which is the third term of the school year. He said at this time parents will also enjoy the full benefits of the third term fees they paid even though their children will not enjoy tuition during the term.

He explained that the arrangement was also targeted at making children spend less time at home waiting for their results before proceeding to senior high school.

The director of communications who spoke on a wide range of issues commended the school for its contribution towards quality education. He said the overall goal of the education system seeks among other things to enable graduates from Ghanaian educational institutions, formal and informal to confidently and creatively use all teaching and learning tools such as ICT to develop requisite the skills and knowledge needed to be active participants in the global knowledge economy by 2015.

He continued that it was in appreciation of this fact that the GES introduced the basic education computerization project to distribute 60,000 laptops and exercise books to basic schools throughout the country.

The Head of the school, Theodore Tona commended parents for their active involvement in the activities of the school.

He appealed to parents to ensure that children are given foods that promote their health such as low cholesterol diets and natural syrups or drinks.

Mr. Tona also urged parents to create situations at home which will help children develop critical thinking and problems solving habits.

He said as part of the school’s social responsibility it had made donations to the Orthopedic Centre at Nsawam in the Akwapim South district of the Eastern region.


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